Our Services

From Muskets to Machine Guns, we have a wide variety of services available to bring your dreams to the big screen.

Armourer Services

We’ll build the guns and ensure you get the perfect shot.

  • Veteran Armourers
  • Pre-Production & Planning
  • Safety Consultations
  • Blank, Airsoft & LED Gunfire
  • Spotless Safety Record
  • Tactical Consultation


Professional instruction from film & firearm industry experts.

  • Blank & Live Fire
  • Movement, Tactics and Cadence
  • Safety Protocols
  • Controlled Environment
  • Actor Prep. & Education
  • Highly Experienced Instructors

Custom Builds

Your imagination brought to life.

  • Full Machine Shop Fabrication
  • Modifications & Tuning
  • Functional or Inert Builds
  • Repairs & Upgrades
  • Vehicle Integrations & Mounting Solutions
  • From mild to wild, you imagine it and we’ll build it!

Casting & 3D Printing

Full end-to-end conception, design, build & finishing.

  • 3D modeling, rendering, concept design & high resolution 3D printing
  • Custom prop building, high-end finishing, painting & integrated electronics
  • Mold making & casting with a wide variety of materials
  • Hard and soft rubber doubles & exact firearm replicas      (with licensed S.A.P. clearance)
  • CNC machining, woodworking & vinyl cutting
  • Breakaway props, fake blood and other consumables