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Movie Armaments Group

One of the first companies to be licensed for film & television armourer services in Ontario. We have over 40 years of experience bringing your ideas to life for the big screen.

Movie Armaments Group is located in the heart of Toronto’s Film District providing
top-tier armourer services, prop and wardrobe rentals to film productions around the world.

Our inventory consists of firearms, equipment, tools, uniforms & accessories, each with extensive options to choose from. Our focus remains on Law Enforcement, Military and tactical applications, however our shop takes great pleasure meeting customers’ needs outside of these genres.

In partnership with Mag Works and The Prop Studio, our facilities afford you the ability to create anything you can imagine. Looking for a high quality cosplay prop? Do you need a custom made rubber knife for stunts? We will gladly do it all.

In addition to our armourer services for film and television, Movie Armaments Group has held numerous contracts with various Law Enforcement and Military agencies. We have provided foreign weapons training to the Department of National Defence, among others.

We carry large numbers of military, SWAT and police uniforms, plus related gear from the Vietnam war to the present day. All of our on-set armourers are military and/or police veterans with extensive on-set experience on TV productions and feature films.

Get in touch with us here: [email protected]